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Prewrath “Parousia” Newsletters Available Online…

Filed in Prewrath Resources by on May 31, 2006

Back in the 1990’s under Robert Van Kampen’s Sign Ministries the ministry newsletter was titled, “Parousia.” Charles Cooper wrote most of the 20 published seminal articles that contributed to the Prewrath Rapture position. I have great news! They are available online. Click here to download them. Also, we may in the near future have them […]

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666 Mark of the Beast

Filed in News Items, Revelation by on May 30, 2006

by Alan Kurschner Hollywood is at it again…feeding off the fears and ignorance of many Christians–mostly nominal Christians who would have a lack of discernment to see such a movie that glorifies the dark world. “The Omen,” which is a remake of the 1976 horror classic, will be coming out on…you guessed it… 6/6/06. And […]

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Responding to Dave Hunt’s Pretribulationism (Pt.1)

Filed in Pretribulationism by on May 27, 2006

by Alan Kurschner Dave Hunt of the Berean Call is a well-known Pretribulationist, which many of you know. With this article, I am beginning a series on the errors of Hunt’s Pretribulationism. Each article will be a short digestible piece, which you the reader can use for your own discussions with others. Back a number […]

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