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The “Terminus A Quo” of The Day of the Lord – A Review

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The “Terminus A Quo” of The Day of the Lord: The Deciding Argument forPretribulationism — By: Jerry M. Hullinger, JMAT 19:2 (Fall 2015) After twenty years of study concerning the eschatological return of Jesus Christ for the joyous aerial reunion with his entire bride, we continue to marvel at the now thoroughly discredited defense of […]

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Daniel 7: The Consummation of the Age

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What this video presentation on the Daniel 7! Click Here

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The Rapture in Matthew 24

The Rapture in Matthew 24 A defense of the PreWrath rapture position stands or falls with the conclusion that Matthew 24 deals with this important event. At the heart of the PreWrath position is the insistence that Matthew 24 does not speak of any details regarding the wrath of God. That is to say, this […]

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Jerusalem’s Destruction

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Jerusalem’s Destruction Matthew 24:2 and Daniel 9:26 In the Olivet Discourse recorded in Matthew’s gospel, the Lord Jesus predicts, “There will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.” Similarly, Daniel 9:26 states, “And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing. […]

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The Composition of the Last Beast Empire

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The Composition of the Last Beast Empire For whatever reason, God did not include sufficient information in his Word to identify explicitly whom Antichrist will be prior to the beginning of events connected with end-times, and even now remain unclear. Of course, this has not dampened the endless prognostic speculation regarding possible fulfillment by “so-called” […]

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