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Daniel 2 – Key Insights

If possible, listen or watch this video before we move to Daniel 7! Click Here

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Psalm 83: Prophetic or Profitable?

Psalm 83: Prophetic or Profitable? It is sad to see the ongoing hysteria that some modern so-called “prophets” create and maintain by incorrectly interpreting Scripture. It is almost comical. For the last few months, Psalm 83 has been the whipping-boy for alarmists who see prophetic fulfillment in the Middle East every time the sun comes […]

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The Rapture: the Old Testament Foundation

A Day of Visitation Charles Cooper       For some believers, the timing of the Lord’s return to rapture the saints is more important than any other New Testament study. Much has been written about it and the views are diverse. But even more fundamental questions have not been the focus of earnest discussion: Why have […]

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Pentecost – The Incomplete Feast (Part II)

Pentecost – the Incomplete Feast Charles Cooper Part II The celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest began on Pentecost. However, the end of the wheat harvest was unknown. No one knew when it would end. Several factors regulated when it would end; each year was different. The amount of rain, the temperature, the […]

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How To Stop The Confusion

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The prophets are coming out of the woodwork! Read How To Stop Being Blown Away.pdf.

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