The “Terminus A Quo” of The Day of the Lord – A Review

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The “Terminus A Quo” of The Day of the Lord: The Deciding Argument forPretribulationism — By: Jerry M. Hullinger, JMAT 19:2 (Fall 2015) After twenty years of study concerning the eschatological return of Jesus Christ for the joyous aerial reunion with his entire bride, we continue to marvel at the now thoroughly discredited defense of […]

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Daniel 2 – Key Insights

If possible, listen or watch this video before we move to Daniel 7! Click Here

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A Typical and Telling Defense by Pretribulational Rapturism

It’s so easy to argue alone. Chances are you’ll win every time! Our goal at PRI is to proclaim and defend the PreWrath position. Yet, often we feel as if we are arguing by ourselves, because we’re the only ones arguing. Pretribulationists do not offer compelling arguments for their position. Just once, at least, I […]

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The Composition of the Last Beast Empire

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The Composition of the Last Beast Empire For whatever reason, God did not include sufficient information in his Word to identify explicitly whom Antichrist will be prior to the beginning of events connected with end-times, and even now remain unclear. Of course, this has not dampened the endless prognostic speculation regarding possible fulfillment by “so-called” […]

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The Negative Impact of Van Kampen’s Hitler Speculation

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Robert Van Kampen’s contributions to eschatology in general will remain uncertain for years to come. As with  many others in the past, the value of his work in this area reveals itself only with the passing of time. History will evaluate Van Kampen’s role. His book, The Sign, has and will continue to have an […]

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