The New Exodus Consummated

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The New Exodus Consummated: A Day of Visitation Charles Cooper As we have already seen in the two previous visitations of God – namely, the Exodus and the crucifixion – God’s final visitation will also bring both deliverance and destruction. I Peter 2:11-12 declares, Dear friends, I urge you as foreigners and exiles to keep […]

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The Rapture: the Old Testament Foundation

A Day of Visitation Charles Cooper       For some believers, the timing of the Lord’s return to rapture the saints is more important than any other New Testament study. Much has been written about it and the views are diverse. But even more fundamental questions have not been the focus of earnest discussion: Why have […]

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Pentecost – The Incomplete Feast (Part II)

Pentecost – the Incomplete Feast Charles Cooper Part II The celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest began on Pentecost. However, the end of the wheat harvest was unknown. No one knew when it would end. Several factors regulated when it would end; each year was different. The amount of rain, the temperature, the […]

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The Structure of the Book of Revelation – Part I

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Is the Rapture Depicted in Revelation 14:14-16? The Structure of the Book of Revelation – Part I Charles Cooper As an advocate for the prewrath rapture view I find it unfortunate, yet necessary, that a good portion of my time is spent disproving claims. For example, the confusion about the structure of the book of […]

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A Biblical Response to Eric Douma – Part 4

I am responding to Eric Douma’s sermon on April 3rd 2011, “The Day of The LORD: A Look at the Imminent Day of Salvation and Judgment.” We continue. Douma claims that the term “birth pangs” in the Bible is a technical term for the day of the Lord. That is, every time it is found […]

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