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A Typical and Telling Defense by Pretribulational Rapturism

It’s so easy to argue alone. Chances are you’ll win every time! Our goal at PRI is to proclaim and defend the PreWrath position. Yet, often we feel as if we are arguing by ourselves, because we’re the only ones arguing. Pretribulationists do not offer compelling arguments for their position. Just once, at least, I […]

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Psalm 83: Prophetic or Profitable?

Psalm 83: Prophetic or Profitable? It is sad to see the ongoing hysteria that some modern so-called “prophets” create and maintain by incorrectly interpreting Scripture. It is almost comical. For the last few months, Psalm 83 has been the whipping-boy for alarmists who see prophetic fulfillment in the Middle East every time the sun comes […]

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Some Things Just Speak For Themselves…

Filed in Simply Silly by on July 7, 2008

Amillennialist Jason Robertson of the FIDE-O blog (who I otherwise enjoy reading on other subjects) was asked on his blog if he ever studied Prewrath. His response was this: [Yes] I studied the Prewrath view and found it seriously lacking biblical continuity. It denies the New Covenant, it denies the kingdom of God, it denies […]

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The Rapture Index is Spiking!

Filed in Simply Silly by on March 7, 2008

The dollar and stocks may be very low but the rapture index is very high at 168, the record is 182 (This is not a joke according to the Rapture Ready site). (H.T. Kim)

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Why We Eschew Sensationalism and Speculation Here at PRDC…

Filed in Pretribulationism, Simply Silly by on July 22, 2007

Click Here to find out.

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