Pentecost – the Incomplete Feast, Part III

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Pentecost – the Incomplete Feast Charles Cooper Part III  Another parable that addresses the work of gathering the harvest, which is the present work of the Kingdom of heaven, is Mark 4:26-29. This particular parable is only recorded in Mark’s gospel and occurs in the seed-parable section. Mark reports, And he said, “The kingdom of […]

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Pentecost – The Incomplete Feast (Part II)

Pentecost – the Incomplete Feast Charles Cooper Part II The celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest began on Pentecost. However, the end of the wheat harvest was unknown. No one knew when it would end. Several factors regulated when it would end; each year was different. The amount of rain, the temperature, the […]

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The Feasts of the Jews – Part III

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The Feasts of the Jews – Part III Charles Cooper The readily perceived conformity regarding linkage of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ with the spring Jewish feasts is one in which our Lord follows a precise temporal sequence, i.e. a chronology of the exact days and months on which each feast occurred […]

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Operation Expose the Truth – Phase II

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Operation Expose the Truth attempts to get pretribulationists to see that their position does not have one explicit passage of Scripture to support it. The one verse most often quoted in support of the pretrib position has been shown to be completely misinterpreted. In phase I, we offer the e-pamphlet to all our PreWrath supporters. […]

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Dr. David G. Winfrey – An Unsubstantiated Declaration!

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Dr. David G. Winfrey In the 1982 Grace Theological Journal article, “The Great Tribulation: Kept ‘Out Of’ Or ‘Through’?”, Dr. David G. Winfrey insists that “If there is a ‘proof text’ for the pretribulational position, it is Rev 3:10.”[1] What is a “proof text”? It is a scriptural passage given as proof for a doctrine […]

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