Daniel 7: The Consummation of the Age

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What this video presentation on the Daniel 7! Click Here

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The Pretribulation Rapture Is Dead!

Filed in Announcements, Pretribulationism, Video by on May 16, 2014

There was only one passage in the N.T. that forms the basis for it. This is the opinion of their greatest teachers. Now that Rev 3:10 cannot be used as support for an explicit teaching for the Pretribulation rapture position, the doctrine has no scriptural support. There are no other passages that support it. The […]

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A Word of Warning to the Saints

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Click Here!

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Living Out Prewrath During Lawlessness

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This is an impassioned sermon by Charles Cooper given at a prewrath conference in Crestview, Florida in January. Cooper preached on living out your prewrath theology in ominous and lawless times.

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A Primer on the Prewrath Rapture

Filed in Prewrath, Video by on April 12, 2011

Recently, Charles Cooper was interviewed by Chris White about the prewrath position.

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