Dr. David Jeremiah: Condemned by His Own Words!

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Dr. David Jeremiah, senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, makes comments regarding Revelation 3:10 that echo the very same dogmatic assertions that are confidently declared by many others as being truth. He writes,

This [Revelation 3:10] refers to the rapture, when Jesus will catch away God’s people for Himself. We are pre-Tribulational in our beliefs, and we clearly see in this promise that the church will not go through the Tribulation. How can the clarity of this promise be explained any other way?[1] (Italic added)

Jeremiah’s comments are false and misleading. His dogmatic assertions are the result of shallow exegesis of a verse that has been hijacked and made to serve a purpose that God never intended. Revelation 3:10 does not in any way support the timing of a pretrib rapture. It says nothing (and I do mean nothing) about believers missing the “great tribulation” because they will be raptured to heaven before it even starts.

Jeremiah, like so many before and after him, took the “so called” face-value reading of the text and assumed a popular conclusion that has no basis in reality; it is nothing more than wishful thinking. Sad to say, untold millions are confidently trusting in a lie. Dr. Jeremiah is a man of integrity. Therefore, we would fully expect a retraction of his support for the misunderstanding of those who falsely claim that Revelation 3:10 proves a pretrib rapture.

Dr. Jeremiah’s remarks and those of other “big name” conservative evangelical leaders regarding Revelation 3:10 are included in an upcoming booklet to be published by the PreWrath Resource Institute. This is a part of Operation: Expose the Truth. It is our belief that many of those who hold so dearly to a pretrib rapture will see the error of their interpretation (if such exegesis were truly attempted) and be converted to the truth on this vital issue.

We do need your help. Please purchase a good number of copies of this little booklet – as many as you can – and give them to as many pretribbers as you know. Just ask them to read it. No arguing. No debating. No recriminations. No attempt to embarrass or shame them. Just ask them to read it. The truth will do the rest if people truly look for it! The booklet is coming SOON!

[1] David Jeremiah, Escape the Coming Night, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1990), 55.

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