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Revelation 3:10 – A Bombshell (Pamphlet)

Revelation 3:10 – A Bombshell is a compilation of quotes by the leading teachers of the pretribulation rapture position concerning their view of the significance of Revelation 3:10. Many have explicitly stated that this verse proofs the timing of the pretrib rapture. In this pamphlet, after allowing each man to state in his own words his conviction that Revelation 3:10 is a proof-text, Cooper then shows how a fellow pretribber completely demolishes their arguments. Proving that Revelation 3:10 does not prove a pretrib rapture and those who say it does are wrong and should apologize.


Revelation 3:10 – A Bombshell   Price: $2.95 (Bundles are available: email for more information)

Fight, Flight, or Faith: How to Survive the Great Tribulation


By Charles Cooper.
This book has the goal of teaching believers how to survive the unparallel persecution of Satan and his Antichrist during the final three and a half-year period known as Daniel’s seventieth week.

Already winds are blowing in and around Jerusalem that should cause believers to be sober. The fever to rebuild a Jewish worship site in Jerusalem needs only a building to complete the dream of millions of Jews. This book will help those who may be called upon to face this unparalleled time. Every family should have multiple copies to be read and kept until the Lord reigns upon the earth from Jerusalem.

Price: 19.95

God’s Elect And The Great Tribulation: An Interpretation of Matthew 24:1-31 and Daniel 9


By Charles Cooper. This book is a scholarly defense for the Prewrath Rapture position.

It has four goals:
(1) to support the prewrath position in its conclusion that insisting on a sharp distinction between God’s work in Israel and His work in the church is a false presupposition that directly contradicts scripture.(2) to support the prewrath position in its conclusion that Matthew 24:1-31 does apply to the church, the bride of Christ.

(3) to set forth a clear biblical exposition of Matthew 24:1-31.

(4) to correct the false and misleading conclusions about both the timing and fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27.
Price: 19.95

The Rapture Question Answered Plain and Simple


Paperback version
A clear presentation of the Prewrath Rapture position.

Price: 10.00

The Prewrath Rapture Explained Plain and Simple


A short condensed presentation of the Prewrath position in paperback. A great book to supplement Bible studies, and inexpensive enough to give away.

Price: 4.00

Final Questions


A beginner’s primer on end-time questions.

Price: 5.00

Imminency: The Phantom Doctrine


A booklet that exposes the weaknesses of the pretrib notion of any-momentism.

Price: 2.00

End Time Charts


Extra Charts that appear in the very back of The Sign.

Price: 7.50

The Fourth Reich


A single novel presenting a possible scenerio of the end-times. (A Prewrath alternative to the popular “Left Behind” books).

Price: 10.00

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