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A Response to Ron Graff

Filed in Pretribulationism by on December 27, 2006

By Rev. Charles Cooper Pretribulation or Prewrath? For those who are truly interested in the Scriptures and are willing to search them, I offer the following response to Ron Graff’s article that appears on his website. After several individuals approached our ministry about responding to Graff’s article, I took a closer look at his arguments […]

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Parousia Newsletter Back Issues

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In the 1990’s under Robert Van Kampen’s Sign Ministries the ministry newsletter was titled, Parousia. Charles Cooper wrote most of the 20 published seminal articles that contributed to the Prewrath Rapture position. They are available online:

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The Seven Churches of Revelation…

Filed in Revelation by on December 17, 2006

Michael Newnham at his Phoenix Preacher Study Hall has posted several brief articles on the Seven Churches of Revelation. I find them exegetically instructive and devotional.

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Pre-Wrath Books as Christmas Ideas!

Filed in Prewrath Resources by on December 7, 2006

A book on the Pre-Wrath perspective may be just the right gift for your friend or relative this Christmas season. I’d like to suggest three books from our Prewrath Resources: The first is The Rapture Question Answered Plain and Simple by Robert Van Kampen. This book is an especially good gift for those who have […]

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Critique of the Rapture Position of Chuck Smith

Filed in Pretribulationism by on December 2, 2006

One of the pivotal reasons why many ex-pretribulationists have come to embrace the prewrath position is because they have discovered for themselves that the nature and purpose of the Great Tribulation will be a persecution against believers. It has been assumed by pretribulationism that the “Great Tribulation” is God’s wrath. Given that Jesus in Matthew […]

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