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Daniel 2 – Key Insights

If possible, listen or watch this video before we move to Daniel 7! Click Here

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Romans 8:28 (Part III)

Filed in Biblical Studies, Prewrath Radio Online by on December 28, 2012

Romans 8:28 proves to be a powerful prescription for surviving the Great Tribulation of Satan and his Antichrist. Listen to this message that pushes believers to go deeper in their love for God. If the only part of  Romans 8:28 that is unknown–whether we will love God, then let us get busy developing a deeper […]

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Romans 8:28 (Part II)

Filed in Biblical Studies, Prewrath Radio Online by on December 7, 2012

The more awful one recognize his sin to be the greater his love of God will be in light of God’s grace and forgiveness.

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Romans 8:28 (Part I)

Filed in Prewrath Radio Online by on November 30, 2012

The promise of Romans 8:28 is so amazing that every believer should be willing to give anything, do anything, go anywhere to realize the potential this promise has to make a difference in the lives of millions. Listen as I explain Paul’s sweetest promise from our Father in heaven.

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“Olivet Discourse: Introduction to End Times” by Robert Van Kampen

The following are Robert Van Kampen’s lecture series, The Olivet Discourse: Introduction to End Times. He taught these fourteen lectures at Grace Church of West Ottawa, West Olive, Michigan. 1. Importance of the Return of Christ 2. Different Views of the End Times 3. Interpreting Scripture 4. Position of the Early Church 5. Introduction to […]

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